Quality Policy

is a company specialized in clinical studies and clinical trials in several therapeutic areas and products (i.e., medicines, medical devices, food supplements) as well as providing services related with the market access area, firmly committed since its foundation to the principles of quality and which is integrated by a team of professionals with demonstrated extensive experience and solid training.

The organization is geared to respond to its customers, employees, shareholders, and legal requirements; and it is for this reason that since its creation the principles of customer focus and satisfaction have become its signs of identity.

, to ensure his social responsibility and the sustainability of its business, has decided to implement a Quality Management System based on the reference standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, supported by the implementation of the core subjects and issues of the ISO 26000:2010 on Corporate Social Responsibility and the development of a Sustainability Report according to the Global Reporting Initiative standards.

 management, in order to reinforce commitment to the requirements and to increase customer, employees, shareholders and public authorities’ satisfaction, states the following commitments:

  • To comply with customers’ requirements, as well as legal and regulatory requirements, affecting the performance and delivery of services entrusted to .
  • To continuously improve processes and services as a fundamental tool for increasing the effectiveness, efficiency, competitiveness and customer loyalty.
  • To perform continuous staff training, promoting awareness of quality in order to increase employee’s competences.
  • To ensure cost optimization through the proper use of human resources, process optimization and materials available.
  • To transmit the Quality Policy among all employees.
  • Strengthen the commitment and participation of all staff in the development and achievement of objectives.
  • To review the Quality Policy updating for continuous adaptation to current requirements.

In its commitment to provide the best service to its customers,  is constantly providing improvements to its Quality Management System, thus making it into a dynamic tool for Business Management.

For this reason,  management has an absolute commitment to continuous improvement, both customer services and quality management system, which allows  to ensure customer satisfaction and to provide added value through studies to society and citizens.

This Quality Policy has been communicated and is available to every employee, customer, shareholder and public authority, as well as the documentation contained in the Quality Manual.

Mission and vision


To meet the commitments undertaken with our clients in the activities they entrust us with.

To maintain our clients’ trust so that they fell secure and serene despite the risk, complexity and magnitude of their projects.

To reach a new competitive dimension, focusing our efforts as a Brand on comprehensive services for clients. (Organisations) seen as peolple.


To set ourselves apart in the sector by providing excellence in our services, using our know-how and experience in the form of global solutions, and exceeding our clients’ expectations. To guarantee quality in our services while generating peace of mind, confidence and trust our skateholders.


  • Commitment to people: We are committed to people and we make every effort to transform projects into satisfactory experiences.
  • Honest with everyone: We recognise honesty as the first step required to remedy, correct and prevent mistakes. Because we are human and we know that we can make mistakes, we prefer to be honest with you, with them, with ourselves.
  • Professionals with a cause: What makes us professional is not what we say, but the know-how, expertise and activities that we use in projects, and the relationships created, including personal relationships.
  • Proactive attitude: We are participative, imaginative and decisive. For us, this is what a proactive attitude to events entails.
  • Responsible: Responsibility is encoded in our genes, in all our genes. With the sum of our individual responsibilities, we are building a company that is growing and developing based on total responsibility.
  • Visionary and realistic: Our clients and their projects are supported by a global vision and proven activities by our team.
  • Open and positive: We believe that this is the only valid formula for always finding the best solution.
  • Reliability and confidence: Two values that go hand-in-hand, because if we ensure reliability, we earn trust in our relationships, and that trust generates peace of mind for our clients.
  • We listen and we understand: Even when there are no words. Gestures are also very important.
  • We believe in people: Humankind is a single culture, religion and race. It is everywhere.
  • We are constantly improving: We know that there is always room for improvement and that we can always do better. That is our main challenge.
  • We see and feel the planet: Because we are present in many places, we fully understand the need for environmental policies and apply them accordingly.
  • Ethics and sustainability: We go over and above strict legal compliance, demanding ethical and socially responsible behaviour of ourselves.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At , our management model is based on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). The CSR policy is therefore strategic and designed according to parameters that support the organisation’s mission, vision and values. The integration of CSR in all business areas is seen throughout all of areas of activity. We all share a commitment to CSR, and this is the best possible guarantee of its successful implementation.

 is strongly involved in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility and is strengthening its position as a benchmark company in the CRO sector by applying its Corporate Social Responsibility Model in four areas where we are undertaking the following commitments:

Good Governance and Transparency

To consolidate a management model of excellence based on APICES’ values, including on-going dialogue with our stakeholders.


To guarantee equal opportunities, non-discrimination and respect for diversity, promoting a safe and healthy environment. Furthermore, to increase the motivation of APICES team members and strengthen their pride in belonging to a leading company.

Social Actions

To help to solve current social problems by increasing interaction with the social setting, favouring dialogue and fostering a commitment to help those most in need.


To reduce APICES’ environmental impact and help to improve the environmental setting in which it operates.

Ethic Principles

Integrity: We apply the highest standards of professional conduct.

Excellent value for markets and clients: We provide quality services.

Mutual commitment: We build upon mutual confidence and respect.

Strength from cultural diversity: We are open to new ideas and different perspectives.

Professional conduct: We respect the letter and the spirit of applicable legislation.

Competencies: We handle each commission with appropriate skills and capabilities.

Objectivity: We are objective when it comes to forming our professional opinions and in the advice that we give.

Confidentiality: We respect the confidentiality of information.

Fair business practices: We are committed to fair business practices.

Responsibility to society: We recognise and respect our impact on the world around us.

Respect and fairness: We treat all our colleagues with respect, courtesy and fairness.

Responsibility and decision-making: We lead by example, based on our shared values.

Reputation Policies

Acceptance of clients: Clients are thoroughly evaluated in order to prevent damage to our reputation and brand. This means that we only provide services to clients that ensure integrity and ethical conduct in accordance with our values.

Assessment of services: Risk management requires business units to consider each of the services provided and assess the risks involved. This is reviewed every time a new service is assessed, and includes the availability of resources and skills to provide the service and its inherent risks.

Acceptance of commitments: The policies and procedures established by  to assess the risk of a project and its subsequent acceptance involve jointly assessing the client and associated risk, the service and its associated risk and any possible independence conflicts.

Quality control of good practices: According to our policies, all tasks are subject to an annual independent professional practice review supervised by an  team. We also undergo client audits.

Service standards applies a series of service standards that form the basis for customer care. They include measurable service targets that enable us to quantitatively evaluate client satisfaction. This has an effect on the type, focus and quality of the service provided. Our in-house quality control ensures compliance with established procedures.

Sustainability Policy

Corporate excellence

We operate within a good corporate governance framework, with ethical stakeholder relations and aiming to provide added value in that field.

Excellence with our people

We are committed to our people’s professional and personal development and to their welfare.

Excellence with our clients

We are committed to quality and to always exceeding our clients’ expectations, providing our talent in the provision of a service, and remaining at the cutting-edge in our areas of expertise.

Excellence with the environment

We are committed to protecting the environment and developing the society in which we operate.


 supports Cris Cancer Fundation.

 supports oncomet


The IMQ certification agency has verified that the CSR Self-Declaration of  provides a reasonable and balanced view regarding the implementation of the basic aspects and issues covered by the ISO 26000:2010 standard. This certification was issued according to the NPR 9026:2011 standard (Cert. No. VA NPR 9026-No. 001/2015).

The IMQ certification agency has verified that the Sustainability Report of  provides a reasonable and balanced view of its performance in the “essential conformity” category. This certification was issued according to the GRI standars (Cert. APCS-No. 002/2018).


For any CSR issues, please contact with us at: RSC@apices.es